• La transmission dans le Figaro La transmission in le Figaro

    Une nouvelle page s’ouvre sur le vignoble champenois avec l’arrivée d’une génération de femmes trentenaires. Des femmes aux parcours singuliers qui ont la volonté de moderniser l’image du Champagne. A new page is opening on the Champagne vineyard with the arrival of a generation of women in their thirties. Women with unique backgrounds who are determined to modernise the image of Champagne. Voici le lien vers l’article/Here is the link to the article : https://avis-vin.lefigaro.fr/vins-champagne/o149084-partie-de-champagne-la-bande-des-9

  • AR Lenoble Champagne in the World of Fine Wine Champagne

    “Champagne AR Lenoble is now an exciting beacon in any survey of the Champagne horizon. This high-class small family house has crept into a privileged niche of perception”, says Tim Hall. Please enjoy this article published in the March issue of the World of Fine Wine. It shows what makes AR Lenoble unique and retraces the family history over the last 100 years.

  • Wonderful article in the magazine “3 étoiles” on La Transmission-Femmes en Champagne Superbe article dans le magazine « 3 étoiles » sur La Transmission-Femmes en Champagne

    La Transmission-Femmes en Champagne was created on the initiative of Anne Malassagne and Maggie Henriquez. This collective is made up of women with singular backgrounds, rich and varied life experiences, but all gathered around the passion for Champagne. It is thanks to this diversity that this association draws all its energy. Many thanks to “3 étoiles” for putting into words what brings us together. La Transmission-Femmes en Champagne » a été créée à l’initiative de Anne Malassagne et Maggie Henriquez. Ce collectif est composé de femmes aux parcours singuliers, aux expériences de vie riches et variées mais cependant, toutes réunies autour de la passion du Champagne. C’est dans cette diversité
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  • An online paper on La Transmission in Winemag Un article en ligne sur La Transmission dans Winemag

    Wine Enthusiast shows female-run Champagne houses. A nice recognition given to La Transmission, a group of 9 women leaders in Champagne founded by Anne Malassagne and Maggie Henriquez. Wine Enthusiast met en avant des femmes responsables de maisons de Champagne. Une belle reconnaissance accordée à La Transmission, un groupe de 9 femmes à la tête de domaines en Champagne fondé par Anne Malassagne et Maggie Henriquez. Here is the link to the article/Voici le lien vers l’article en question :

  • AR Lenoble Rosé terroirs is finally available! AR Lenoble Rosé Terroirs “mag 14” est enfin disponible !

    AR Lenoble Rosé terroirs is finally available! The last Cuvee of the first “mag” series is released after four years of ageing in magnums for the reserve wines and six years on the lees. At AR Lenoble, we work with the wines eight to ten years minimum before releasing them. Patience is one of our most important values. AR Lenoble Rosé Terroirs “mag 14” est enfin disponible ! C’est ainsi la dernière cuvée de la toute première série “mag” qui est mise sur le marché après 4 ans en magnum pour les vins de réserve et 6 ans sur lies pour l’assemblage en bouteille. Chez AR lenoble, nous travaillons 8 à
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  • To celebrate our centenary, we have released 8 amazing vintages

    To celebrate our centenary, we have released 8 amazing vintages! 2020 is the year of the centenary of Champagne AR Lenoble, founded by Armand-Raphaël Graser, the great-grandfather of Anne and Antoine Malassagne, in 1920. 4 generations have succeeded each other over the last 100 years, each one of them committed to making sure that AR Lenoble remained totally family-owned and completely independent. Because of our values and convictions, it would not have have made sense for us to create a «Cuvée du Centenaire» for this special year. We preferred to share the history of our family and the soul of our house. Therefore we chose to release some rare bottles
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  • The third generation…la troisième génération…

    In 1973, Jean-Marie Malassagne, nephew of Joseph and grandson of Armand-Raphäel by his mother, took over from Joseph and kept the estate in the family. The only son of Marie-Madeleine Graser and Léon Malassagne, he grew up in Chouilly. As soon as he finished secondary school, this son of a winemaker began to work in his family’s vineyards. But these years in the vineyards were marked by harsh winters and cruel frosts. Harvests were very small (the average yield per hectare in 1951 was 2900 kg) and the resulting production of champagne was not significant enough for him to support himself. Life in the vineyards of Champagne was very difficult.
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  • Armand-Raphaël, the pioneer, was succeeded by his son, Joseph, the happy-go-lucky chap who liked to spend money, in 1947. Armand-Raphaël, le pionnier, a été remplacé par son fils, Joseph, le type joyeux qui aimait dépenser de l’argent, en 1947.

    Armand-Raphaël, the pioneer, was succeeded by his son, Joseph, the happy-go-lucky chap who liked to spend money, in 1947. Jo was blessed with a strong flair for public relations but he he lacksed the managerial skills of his father. His extravagant social life cost him dearly and upon his retirement in 1973, the house was consumed by debt and none of his children was keen to follow in his footsteps. Although it appeared that no future was possible, two new generations would soon follow that would breathe new life into the business. — Armand-Raphaël, le pionnier, a été remplacé par son fils, Joseph, le type joyeux qui aimait dépenser de
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  • Jo Graser, second generation, 1947 – 1973… la deuxième génération chez AR Lenoble

    In 1947, Joseph Graser succeeded his father Armand-Raphaël as one of only 2 boys among 7 children. As his brother Jean-Marie decided to become a priest, it was “Jo” who logically took over the reins of business. A graduate of HEC and a scholar, he even became the mayor of Damery. Much more extroverted than his father, Joseph added a much more festive spirit to AR Lenoble, and organised many parties at the domaine. He also started to export AR Lenoble. —- En 1947, Joseph Graser succède à son père Armand-Raphaël. Son frère Jean-Marie ayant décidé de devenir prêtre, c’est “Jo” qui a logiquement repris les rênes des affaires. Diplômé
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  • The new “Guide des Meilleurs Vins de France 2021” has been published by La Revue du Vin de France – with lots to say about Champagne AR Lenoble!

    “Brother and sister Antoine and Anne Malassagne have skillfully elevated this little house to the highest standards of quality. The style of the wines is geared more towards a ‘grower champagne’ than a ‘house’. Maturing in wood for certain vintages and low dosage everywhere produces vibrant and complex wines, and their origins in the vineyards are very recognisable. The range is comprehensive and very consistent. The word MAG followed by a number, which now appears on all of the non-vintage bottles, provides information on the base year of the cuvée, to which are added reserve wines kept in magnums under cork. This is a very important detail, and this additional
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