Centennial of the family-owned estate of Champagne AR Lenoble (1920 – 2020)

Created in 1920 by Armand-Raphaël Graser, great-grandfather of Anne and Antoine Malassagne, Champagne AR Lenoble will celebrate its centennial in 2020. 4 generations have succeeded each other over the last 100 years, each one determined to keep the estate completely family-owned and completely independent. This has not always been an easy decision as our business in the region requires a great deal of investment. But this independence exempts us from any external pressures to strive for profitability in the short term. It allows us to make, at each stage of the development of our wines, the most exacting choices without compromise. Those who know our estate will not be surprised to learn that no « 100th Birthday Cuvée » was created for the occasion. We had no interest in making this a « commercial » celebration. On the contrary, we wanted to give a special meaning to this important anniversary, one that was faithful to our own values shared with you during the last 25 years. It is therefore with a great deal of pleasure, and a certain amount of emotion, that we will soon be revealing the incredible bottles from our own cellars here in Champagne that will be released in 2020 in order to help us celebrate our centennial in grand style next year!