More about AR Lenoble Les Aventures…

In the heart of Champagne, in the village of Chouilly, one of the six prestigious villages on the Côte des Blancs to be classified as Grand Cru, at the foot of the Château de Saran, sits the lieu-dit known as « Les Aventures », a special parcel that produces chardonnay of exceptional quality due to the particularly chalky nature of the soil.

Each stage of the process to create Les Aventures respects the authentic character of this unique parcel. The chardonnay grapes are picked by hand. Pressing is done in one of our traditional 45-year old Coquard wooden presses. Vinification is done is small oak barrels of 225 litres.

Each release of Les Aventures is made by not only selecting the best vintages, but selecting the best vintages to complement each other, creating a wine defined by its unique character.

Each bottle is aged in AR Lenoble’s 18th century chalk cellars under natural cork. The ambient humidity makes the cork porous, enabling particular exchanges between the air and the wine to create a very original wine.  

Bottling, riddling and disgorgement are carried out by hand using the traditional methods of our ancestors.

Cuvée Les Aventures is regarded as the very first single vineyard wine produced from the Grand Cru village of Chouilly.

Less than 2,000 bottles of Les Aventures are released each year, making it one of the rarest wines from the Champagne region.

Les Aventures map