Fine Minds 4 Fine Wines in Champagne!

Fine Minds 4 Fine Wines in Champagne!

June 21, 2018, écrit par Christian Holthausen

AR Lenoble is honoured to be one of the principal hosts of Fine Minds 4 Fine Wines (FM4FW) taking place from 5th – 7th July 2018 in Champagne.

The coming decade will bring a multitude of changes, affecting all sectors and creating both challenges and opportunities for business across the globe, including the fine wine community. This ranges from the production and distribution processes to the way in which we interact with consumers. In this time of rapid change, FM4FW is dedicated to fostering conversation and collaboration from all walks of life that will actively help shape the future of fine wine, whilst preserving its cultural heritage and craftsmanship.

Established in 2017 by Nicole Sierra-Rolet of Chêne Bleu , FM4FW is a non-profit organization that brings together format top global experts, influencers and critical thinkers from both inside and outside the Fine Wine world – from the most renowned journalists, scientists and industry leaders to policy-makers, financiers and technology experts.

After a very successful FM4FW 2017 at Chêne Bleu in Provence, Fine Minds 4 Fine Wines 2018 will take place in Champagne!

Check out the programme and round table topics:

An incredible group of fifty people from all over the world will be here at AR Lenoble on 5th and 6th July including Hugh Johnson, Steven Spurrier, Michel Bettane, Eric Asimov, Dr. Beverley Skeggs, Gerard Basset, Elin McCoy, Eduardo Chadwick, Felicity Carter, John Stimpfig, Lulie Halstead, Miguel A. Torres, Justin Howard-Sneyd, Charlotte Gourraud, Paul Grieco and Stéphane Reynaud.

Check out the full list of participants:

FM4FW will begin with a gala dinner in Damery co-hosted by Anne and Antoine featuring wines from AR Lenoble and Chène Bleu including AR Lenoble Intense “mag 14” and AR Lenoble Grand Cru Blanc de Blancs Chouilly “mag 14”, AR Lenoble Cuvée Les Aventures and a special disgorgement of Antoine’s very first vintage, the now legendary AR Lenoble Cuvée Gentilhomme 1996.

For more information about Fine Minds 4 Fine Wines, contact FM4FW Executive Director Pauline Vicard at  or via +447 397 900 913.


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