Coming soon – The AR Lenoble Kitchen!

Coming soon – The AR Lenoble Kitchen!

October 7, 2017, écrit par Christian Holthausen

Although Maison AR Lenoble was founded in 1920, our buildings in Damery date back to 1772, that is to say seventeen years before the French Revolution. Major renovations started in April 2017 will be completed at the end of October.

The renovation of our house is centered around a professional tasting room, a living room and a dining room, but also, and above all, around a kitchen which will become a centre of life and a place for sharing.

The kitchen has been equipped by Gaggenau and features a central cooking station to allow us to prepare simple dishes in front of our guests. A plancha and a rôtisserie will be the main tools we use to cook our favourite dishes like tuna steaks, jumbo prawns and farm-raised chicken.

Gaggenau was founded in 1683 as an ironworks in the small village bearing its name in Germany’s Murgtal Valley at the foot of the Black Forest, by Margrave Ludwig Wilhelm von Baden. A pioneer in innovation and design, Gaggenau brings professional culinary technology to the domestic kitchen inspired by the requirements of leading professionals and top chefs.

The products cooked in our kitchen will be products of the season, of terroir, and of quality. Our idea is to show that the Champagne is even better when it’s enjoyed in a warm setting accompanied by simple dishes.

The menus will be organized around large plates meant to be shared on a high kitchen table made of wood, accompanied by several different wines from AR Lenoble. We will expect you to amuse yourself by discovering the specific food pairing that best corresponds to what you like personally.

We look forward to welcoming you at the AR Lenoble Kitchen very soon accompanied by your favourite wines from Champagne AR Lenoble. By appointment only.

Champagne AR Lenoble – 35, rue Paul Douce – 51480 DAMERY

+33 3 26 58 42 60

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