CIVC: Champagne shipments by markets in 2016, Champagne confirms value trend

CIVC: Champagne shipments by markets in 2016, Champagne confirms value trend

March 28, 2017, écrit par Christian Holthausen

In 2016 the Champagne world market has confirmed the positive value trend. The growing value per bottle

is related to high-quality choices of consumers and to new drivers of growth in exports.

Despite a small a decrease in volume (-2.1 percent) related to the difficulties of the French market and to

the sudden depreciation of the pound Sterling, the turnover of 4.71 billion euros makes 2016 another record

year following the figures of 2015 (4.74 billion euros).

The traditional Champagne markets have seen continued and dynamic growth in value, such as the U.S.

+4.9 percent, Japan +3.0 percent and Europe: Germany +3.4 percent, The Netherlands +6.3 percent.

Southern Europe continues its recovery (Spain +1.3 percent and Italy +6.4 percent), and Northern Europe

has confirmed its importance: the cumulated growth in Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Norway is 3.5


These countries on several continents have also confirmed their status as growth areas: in the Americas

(Canada +9.4 percent, Mexico: +12.0 percent), in Africa (South Africa +15.1 percent), in Oceania (New

Zealand +25.4 percent) and in Asia (South Korea +14.2 percent). China, Hong-Kong and Taiwan have shown

strong potential.

Overall, in most countries the growth model of Champagne driven by exports and the diversification of

cuvées is continuing in 2016: 8.6 percent more bottles of Champagne Rosé have been shipped than in the

previous year, and prestige cuvées show an increase of 4.6 percent. Champagne consumers turn to ever

rarer and more prestigious cuvées.

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Epernay, 19 March 2017

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